For those of you who haven’t followed this blog very long, we were known for our Ten Money Questions feature, which had small financial-related interviews with various gay celebrities. We have brought this very popular feature back and plan to run it monthly. Enjoy today’s inaugural post with Chris Ryan, NYC club promoter.

1. Just because you do a lot of stuff, can you give us a brief layout of your club promotion empire?

Yes, I run a production/promotion company. Onehalf of it is producing events (booking venues, acts, dj’s, staff, gettingdécor, set-up/take down, etc.) The other half of my company is gay marketing and advertising as well as club promotions. Anything that can be marketed towards the gay community and the gay community would appreciate, rather than just a bunch of club emails, I promote. I promote for several Broadway shows, concerts, salons, plastic surgeons, etc.

2. Do you do all that in addition to going to school right now?

I do.  I’m currently attending my last year for graduate school at New School University.

3. Do you also have a day job?

I do have a part-time job counseling GLBT youth.

4. Would you say that most club promoters are fiscally responsible?

I would venture to say that most are pretty good about money.  Considering this is mainly a cash business, one has to in order to keep their head above water. However, there’s the other side of the coin.  Since it is a cash business, many spend unwisely.  I make sure that my money goes right into my bank account.  I always use my debit card so I can track my spending.

5. What’s the best day of the week to go out, financially?

Saturday is the best day to go out “financially.” You have a lot of open bars at various different clubs.  People will save at the bar, but they may pay a cover for this (most likely so).

6. Which holiday/event would you say is the most expensive?

Thanksgiving is by far the busiest and best holiday night to go out surprisingly.  Most would think New Year’s eve.  New Year’s eve is by far more expensive and the most expensive night to go out though.

7. Which one is the cheapest to celebrate?

Christmas is the cheapest holiday to celebrate.  Since most place know people won’t go out, they offer pretty amazing deals.

8. What’s your take on pregaming?

Pregaming helps to save a person money when going out obviously.  The amount you pay for a bottle is nowhere near the amount you would pay for continually buying drinks at a club.  Of course, I shouldn’t be telling you this!

9. Do you have a retirement portfolio?

I do have a retirement portfolio.  I think the actual portfolio will begin to see progress after I finish grad school.

10. Which do you think is more important: accessibility or cheap rent?

Cheap rent, by far!

To learn more about Chris Ryan, please visit his website here.