If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, the man in your life, your son, your Father or even your Grandfather your best bet is to zoom in on gadgets rather than cloths and cologne. Of course, it all really depends on how much you are willing to spend or what the spending limit which was recommended in your gift exchange.

We all know that most men need a little help in the wardrobe department, but just like when they were little kids brightly wrapped underwear is still underwear and not really a gift to dance around the house for (unless you know what kind of underwear they like). If you are really looking to wow that man in your life this year then one of these top requested gadgets is a better idea to put a smile on his face.

1) Amazon Kindle starting around $139
The Kindle is a e-read and because it is a gadget it is much cooler then a book. If your guy likes to read but thinks books cramp his style a Kindle is a great gift. He can easily download his favorite books, magazines and newspapers and read then on the go.

2) Parrot AR. Drone helicopter $300
If your guy likes toys (and what guy doesn’t) this little remote controlled helicopter is a great idea. The heli is operated via iPhone app and has two built in cameras, one that faces forward and one that faces down so he can catch all the action when he scares the heck out of the cat.

3) Camera
For full professional capabilities you cannot do better than the Nikon D3S ($5199) This camera has all the bells and whistles and can even shoot clearly at night in a dark ally.
If your guy is more of a point and shoot then the Panasonic Lumix LX5 ($500) is a better idea.

4) Motorola Droid X $200
Currently the most perfect cell phone on the market. It has a large screen, multimedia and an easy to use keyboard among other features. For around $200 it does not get any better.

5) iPad
The newest iPad from Apple is slated to come out in the early part of 2011 and is well worth the wait. The new generation is rumored to not only be smaller and lighter but will also fix a few problems like connection networks and camera capabilities. If your guy has been dreaming of an iPad then a gift certificate to get the next generation is a great idea and well worth the wait.

6) Plantronics M100 $80
For the guy on the go there is nothing better than a high tech way to stay safe on the go. We all use our cell phones and you really need a good hands-free head set for the car.

7) Sony Bravia LX900 3-D HDTV $3600
What man would not love to watch a 3-D movie right from home. This television looks just as good in 2-D as 3-D.

8) ThinkGeek Deluxe Mini fridge-warmer
For the guy on the go this small sized fridge will not only keep the drinks cold but when the drinks are gone it will even warm up lunch in the car off 12v or in the home office 110v this fridge goes everywhere

9) Crystal USB desktop speakers $40
These small supplemental speakers really push the sound from your laptop and they look cool while doing it.

10) Harmony 1000 remote control $400
This is the ultimate of remote controls. This thing does everything and features a 3.5 color touch screen with online access to program it for over 175,000 devises.

11) Dell Streak Tablet Android Phone
This phone is both a tablet PC and a smart phone combined. With a 5 in touch screen wifi capabilities and a 5MP camera this thing really does it all.

12) Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smart pen $176.00
This pen is cool not only does it actually record everything you write but it even records everything it hears, perfect for those long boring meetings, classes, or conferences.

13) Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle $350
Not only is the Xbox 360 the ultimate in gaming but the Kinect for the 360 means that your guy can play his games without bothering with a controller at all. The Kinect is a motion sensor camera that can translate movement of any kind into the game and recognizes up to 4 players at a time.

What about gifts under $40 or those gifts that may earn you a heated romance for a few months and hopefully not a bad romance.