We all at one time or another have received a gift card from a friend or family member, only to forget about the card itself and find out later that it has expired. Or perhaps we’ve received a card to a store or restaurant that we don’t particularly care for, and have just let it expire. It is the equivalent of throwing cash in the trash. Instead of letting the card expire, or never finding the time to actually go to the store to use the gift card, let cardwoo.com or another gift exchange come to your rescue!

We picked Cardwoo.com to look at for this due to their mass advertising campaign almost everytime you turn on the TV.  This  is an online company that has a quick way to actually sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. Their site claims its fun but it seems like more work than fun to me.  You simply fill out an online form requesting a Free and insured pack that includes a postage paid, and pre-addressed postage envelope for your unwanted gift card. Simply drop the envelope in the mail, and a check will be mailed to you promptly. If for some reason you change your mind, you will have 14 days from the date of your check to return the check and request your gift cards back, no questions asked. Yes, it is that easy!

Another exciting service that Cardpool offers is the chance to buy gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants at a discount. So why not instantly save on the gift cards that you are planning to purchase anyway? It’s a no brainer! They feature all your favorite stores from Amazon.com, Sephora, Pier 1 Imports, to Lowe’s. Discounted gift cards to AMC theatres could even be an option so your friend or maybe co-worker can spend a night out watching a new movie with a spouse or date. The best part of the deal, all of the inventory of gift cards for sale is updated frequently. This insures that you have the best selection available of cards to choose from.

Here are the advantages to using this service compared to other companies: They claim to stock some of the best gift cards, giving you the chance to save money on cards you’d normally be purchasing anyway. Their kits that they mail to you for you to send them your unwanted cards are fully insured, so you can track your kits online to ensure that your cards are received at their office. Not many companies out there do that. “Cardwoo.com makes the process of selling and buying gift card exchanges effortless and safe.”

They may have reinvented the the business of gift cards. You no longer have to politely accept an unwanted gift card, only to shove it an a drawer somewhere to let it needlessly expire. You can now safely and quickly (not to mention guaranteed) exchange your gift cards for cash. And if you are planning on buying a gift card anyway, why not save? In today’s economy, saving money is always a plus.

This may be seen as a “go to” one stop shop for selling and buying gift card exchanges but there may be better places for your gift cards. If you have a Sam’s Club membership you can get say $50 in Disney gift cards and a $10 bonus or if you purchase restaurant gift cards for Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill you get a $10 bonus card for your own personal use. That alone is better than paying any fees you get on some of these sites or at your local grocery store. The bottom line is to get it from a discounter such as Sam’s Club or online with an exchange but watch out for any fees.