Would you like to find out whether you qualify to buy an electric car? First it must be determined if you qualify to buy an electric car? A consumer may have the money to buy the latest and newer electric car, but is it the best choice for their needs? There are new car salesrooms that have the electric cars with various prices offered, some over $60,000. But not everyone will be allowed to purchase an electric car if the calculations do not qualify them for the purchase. Avoiding disgruntled consumers is a high priority; especially for a product that is new to the market. Disgruntled consumers can hurt any chance of the products success.

Where do I find what is calculated? or how to calculate? Beginning in the salesroom with a representative that has specialized operation and knowledge of the electric car, the salesperson will begin to ask some questions of the consumer. An electric car salesperson asks and calculates information about the buyer to find out if they qualify and meet the requirements to purchase an electric car. The manufacturer does not want to sell cars that do not fit the lifestyle and driving requirements of its’ owners. You can see a calculator at BeFrugal.com.

Electric cars are pricey and only those with an income high enough to qualify to buy a $51,500 plus electric car can purchase the car in most cases. However the companies producing the electric car is concerned with making sure an electric car is the better choice for them. The factors they look at to calculate if the electric car is the right choice for a consumer is; 1) their daily driving record and mileage, 2) if the buyer has a proper recharging setup, and 3) if the mileage is within the 140-kilometre operating range between recharging.

It takes about 80 minutes to recharge a battery and having the proper recharge setup at home is required before any electric car is sold to them. The proper recharge setup generally costs the consumer an additional $1200. If the house does not have modern wiring the cost could be higher. The representative will have catalogs for the manufacturer specifications and equipment for an electrician to install at your home or place of recharge [if for a business].

Once the electric car has caught on and the consumers find them to be safe, convenient and love the fact that there is no fuel to pump. With recharging of the battery, the battery life will last longer than replacement batteries of fueled cars. It is expected by the year 2014 that the price of the electric cars will come down, but predicting the future can be difficult. The future prices will depend on consumers and if they like the product and/or if the demand goes up for more production of electric cars.

Once the consumer has met the dealership qualifications and requirements, or if the purchase has to be financed; the finance company probably will have additional credit qualifications. A finance company will be hesitant in some cases to loan money to a buyer with any credit issues; and for a product that would be described as out of the ordinary. If the consumer defaults on the loan, the finance company will want to make sure they can recover their loss.

These cars will work well in small towns, or retirement communities right now. As the electric cars catch on, electric recharge facilities will be found all along the interstates and consumer pays for time recharging. Today’s economy warrants finding better ways to live, work and travel. The United States Government is actually preparing to help consumers to purchase these electric cars and are considering offering monies to help defray the cost for recharge setups and the purchase of the car itself. Our country is about “going green,” and an electric car certainly can reduce fuel consumption in the country.