I noticed a post on Facebook today that really intrigued me. A friend posted that they had their identity stolen by someone who used this to open up a bank account at Wells Fargo and fund the account with a $1,500 payday loan. I have just about heard it all with identity thieves but this one really tops the list. “So someone stole my identity and took out a 1500 dollar payday loan now I’m being sued for fraud and nonpayment I swear stuff like this never ends for me!” then went on to comment “I don’t even know what type of lawyer to get and I’m sure it will be way to much for me to afford.”

The person affected by this id theft said the payday loan was taken out June of 2009 deposited into a Wells Fargo account and after the withdraw the account was closed. He went on to say that he had never gotten a loan other than for school and has never banked with Wells Fargo.”

One person responded that “You can also counter sue for damages done such as lawyer fees or court fees.” another friend posted that they would give the bank a middle finger and ask why it has taken over three years to come after you for such a small loan.

If something like this happens to you I would first of all not tell anyone your Social Security Number for any reason. They should be telling you that information to let you know they are legit. Then call the police to file a identity theft report. The payday loan company most likely has a photo copy of the ID and if the signatures do not match then there should be nothing to worry about. You can dispute it using a credit dispute service or call the credit agency that has the negative record. Another must is to get a new ID number if you have not already so they cannot do anything more with your ID and check your credit report every 3 to 6 months to keep updated for any fraudulent activity.