If you do not fly United Airlines this may be one reason you might want to check it out. United Airlines now merged with Continental Airlines scored 100 on the HRC’s Workplace Equality guide for 2012. On top of this the remarkable new aircraft that redefines air travel the United Boeing 787 Dreamliner uses breakthrough technologies to give you an unparalleled flight experience. With cabin pressure at 6,000 feet, you’ll absorb more oxygen as well as higher cabin humidity so you’ll feel more refreshed with you arrive because of many factors. The (Virgin America-like) dynamic mood lighting will add to the experience, along with the largest windows of any commercial jet which have an adjustable tint, several noise reducing innovations result in a quieter cabin for a calmer flight. The Dreamliner also puts more destinations within your reach, including the Denver-Tokyo flight beginning in 2013. It’s just the first of 50 Dreamliners that United plans to add to their expansive new fleet. If you wish to keep up with the Dreamliner’s progress you can do so at unitedhub.com. Now is a great time to sign up for their rewards program called Mileage Plus you can find out more about it on our sister site.