This is a must have APP for shopping smart when it comes to just about anything we stand for as LTGBTQ people. This app helps us with detecting which barcodes belong to HRC rated friendly companies and those who stand for marriage equality. This APP also servers another purpose of helping us find out which products via a quick scan belong to Koch brothers or Monsanto. Something that is always good to know because normally if it has to do with one of those it means bad news all around!

Buycott is still working on adding new data to its back end and fine-tuning its information on corporate ownership structures. Most companies in the current database actually own more brands than Buycott has on record. The developers are asking shoppers to help improve their technology by inputting names of products they scan that the app doesn’t already recognize.

An article was recently written about this new APP from Forbes Magazine and their servers have been down since. The Buycott or Boycott app can be found on Google Play now.

The trends on the app right now are to Avoid Koch Industries +81.6%, Local & Sustainable Food Initiative, Demand GMO Labeling, Equality for LGBTQ, Cut Funding Ties To ALEC, Vegan and Cruelty-Fre, Support Prop 37 Donor, Avoid George Soros Investments, and more!