Keith Olbermann opened his ESPN show last night with a rant against Russia’s anti-gay laws and the International Olympic Committee’s (IAC) response to calls for a boycott of the Winter Games in Sochi. Great commentary from one of our favorite former MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann who says even the Pope could be arrested in Russia after these new anti-gay laws passed. The irony though with the Coca-Cola ad in the background during this rant and that is one of the brands we should be banning not just because of the high fructose fake sugar alternative but because they have not pulled out of sponsoring the Olympics in Russia.

Olbermann’s speech didn’t stop at mocking the amount of backpedaling currently being performed by groups with a financial interest in the 2014 Olympics. He also highlighted the similarities of the political climate surrounding the upcoming Winter Games regarding LGBT people and attitudes against other groups of people during the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin.

“The American team still deferred to Hitler. It pulled Marty Glickman, an American Jew, off the relay team,” Olbermann said of U.S. actions during the 1936 Games. “And within three years Hitler was invading Czechoslovakia while America had an official policy of neutrality and within five years Hitler was in mid genocide.”