gayjetlinerWOW Air an Icelandic low cost airline who recently launched flights to the US last year. Airplanes registration codes are similar to license plates on cars. This airlines has fun with these registration codes an example of some existing ones include TF-MOM, TF-DAD, TF-SIS, TF-BRO, TF-SON TF-KID, and now TF-GAY. The TF-GAY plane will be one of the planes WOW Air flies to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

WOW air is known for taking a light-hearted approach to their aircraft registrations, referring to their fleet as a family. Airline founder and CEO Skúli Mogensen said the naming of TF-GAY in support of the LGBT community aligns with the company’s ethos.

“WOW air is an airline for the people and one of our most important goals is to lower fares in order to enable everybody to travel the world and get to know different cultures. We wholeheartedly support queer people’s fight for rights. Just as we support equal rights for everybody, no matter their gender, religion, ethnicity or culture. When we announced we were going to start flying to San Francisco, one of our pilots approached me and suggested the TF-GAY registry. I immediately thought it was a great idea and matched our approach of using words relating to family members in the spirit of inclusiveness.”

“Furthermore the name fits perfectly into this concept of ours to create a modern family out of our airplanes from the names we give them,” he points out, referring to the company’s tradition of giving its planes names that represent family members; TF-MOM, TF-DAD, TF-SIS, TF-BRO, TF-SON and TF-KID. “WOW is basically MOM upside down and everybody loves their mom! Since day one, we’ve emphasised joy and friendliness in our services because we want everybody to feel welcome in the WOW family. And we think TF-GAY fits right in with our modern family concept.”

WOW Air has extremely low fares but charge extra for seat assignments and checked bags. They are a gay-friendly airline to consider travel to Iceland and between the North America and Europe.

WOW Air is not the only airline that has came out for the gays. Delta came out last year during pride weekends to offer First Class Fare Deals for passengers. American Airlines stirred up controversy when they changed their Twitter profile picture to a pride logo during Gay Pride Month of June.