HomeDepot-gayprideGay men and lesbians have a reputation of being major home improvement shoppers. You may not be surprised that some LGBT spend More on Home Improvements. So that is why we want to make sure we spend our gay money somewhere we feel better about them giving back to the community or at least supporting us by hiring LGBT.

Recently Home Depot has been under attack as an entire company because Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, said the Obama economy “is just not working,” and has been on attack of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. He also said he is voting for Donald Trump. While many in the LGBT know this is the wrong choice and we do not wish to support Trump and his possible anti-LGBT supreme court justices we also need to know boycotting Home Depot is not the answer.

According to Marcus is no longer the CEO or chairman of Home Depot. He retired from those positions fourteen years ago. So There is no reason here to Boycott the home improvement retailer.

Home Depot has actually supported Gay Marriage and and been one retailer that proved the American Family Association 2011 ‘Boycott’ Didn’t Work. Home Depot is also one of 77 companies that funds Planned Parenthood. If anyone should be boycotting them it should be Conservatives not the LGBT or Democrats. Although these boycotts have only made their stock price rise over the years and have done no damage.

It’s interesting to look back five years ago, when Home Depot was praised at a gay pride parade for their support and battled intense protests and boycott threats from conservatives. Now in 2016, Target is under fire for the “bathroom policy” which leaves the door open for anyone to use any bathroom of their choice. Our community was outraged at Target in 2011 over their donations to GOP candidates. That really had no effect or maybe it did?

Maybe the reason Target isn’t budging is because these boycotts never really work. Not enough people stick to their guns and refuse to shop at an entity for a long enough period of time. In this example, Home Depot stock sold for $33.47 on June 10, 2011 and now has risen to over $128 per share.