Audrey QueercentsWhat Jackie of all trades doesn’t need to be thrifty and crafty? Self-employed Audrey is hired to act, do voiceovers, model, design, sew, write, teach, cook, pet-sit, give massage, and read astrology charts. With such changeable income, she searches far and wide to make sure she can glam up in beehives and platforms or paste on a mustache and hit the town without giving up all the contents of her Hello Kitty wallet.

When holding a degree from Stanford University didn’t translate into a single fat monthly check, Audrey turned the odd jobs she’s worked into fodder for a one-woman comedy show, Workhorse, which she is currently creating with David Ford at the Marsh. Snippets of her stand-up can be found at Talking Pony.

A life-long student of spirituality, the bohemian lifestyle, and the heart-stopping wonder of couture, she’s on the hunt to forge a way to save our health, community, and the planet without losing an ounce of the fabulousness that comes with spending buckets of money.

Audrey can be reached at