Are you looking to get your name out there as a writer and be able to use as a reference?  This is the way to do it.

We get several emails everyday asking about submitting a guest post for Queercents.  We just want to let you know first of all we are not an article zine but seek to be a unique source of information for GLBTQ readers.  With that in mind we are mostly here to contribute to our community and hope they engage back.  If you wish to contribute you may by signing up through our Wordpress and submitting a draft then emailing us at creditpartners(at)  Here is the content we will accept:

1.  No links in content.  We just do not want the motivation behind an article to be for a link to a site.  These are not the writers we are looking to write for us.  You may deep link into if you see something related to link to but not to an external site unless it is a .gov or .edu site.

2.   Blog post must be written by a human (you will be surprised what we see) and must not appear anywhere else on the web.  This means it is material that is not published (yet).

3. owns copyright to anything posted on the site and does not allow posting the same content to other sites.

4.  Stay Fabulous and use Coupons!