Allison Einbinder QueercentsAllison Einbinder is a tax preparer and accountant in private practice. She built her business, Dollars and Sense Taxes and Accounting, to help people develop better relationships with their money. Allison offers tax solutions, financial savings, and peace of mind in a non-judgmental atmosphere. She specializes in helping new business owners and young businesses establish solid financial systems.

Allison clients are entrepreneurs ranging from medical providers, and property owners to contractors and graphic designers. She helps them understand and manage their finances and tax liabilities. Her experience in large settings such as universities and state agencies, to small private sector businesses allows her to tailor her services to each client. She provides uniquely designed techniques and tips to help them flourish and reach their goals.

Allison is licensed by the California Tax Education Council and is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals. Allison has been invited guest speaker for non-profit organizations in Oakland and San Francisco, California.

She and her partner, Khaia, live in Oakland. A few years ago, they purchased their first home, a Victorian built in 1880. They have spent endless hours restoring the house to its former glory. Little did they know they’d have to become so resourceful with their money to thrive as homeowners and business owners in the Bay Area.

When Allison is in play mode she is relaxing with her partner, at the beach surfing, on line searching for Craigslist scores, or caring for their dogs and cats. If she had to start a new business today, she’d bake cheesecakes.

Allison can be reached at